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Rescue Dog Hot Sauce makes small batch, craft hot sauces with unique flavors based out of our Oklahoma City kitchen. We use an array of exotic flavors and fresh, local ingredients– perfect for spicing up your favorite dish, dessert, or cocktail! You'll find our hot sauces in local restaurants, taprooms, bars, markets, food trucks, and households. 

Signature FLAVORS

Order any sauce for $10 or four for $35 using the order form below.

For information on retail and wholesale prices, email us at or send us a message using the contact form on our website.

*Please reach out to us if you have an allergy questions or concerns regarding allergens.


our pop-up schedule

We regularly host pop-up events all around the OKC area. Check out our schedule to see where you can find us next:


Norman Farmers Market | 9am - 1pm

*Check back for a new schedule coming this spring.

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Follow us on social media to catch us at more local pop-up events announced monthly!



Blended Kitchen is our specialty food line brought to you in partnership with Must Heart Dogs. Our dips range from hummus and pestos to aioli, BBQs and beyond.

All products from Blended Kitchen are available to order through our website order form below.

Roasted Red
Pepper Hummus

$7.00 | 8 oz.

Chocolate hummus

$7.00 | 8 oz.

lemon artichoke

$7.00 | 8 oz.

tzatziki dip

$7.00 | 8 oz.

cilantro lime aioli

$10.00 | 12 oz.

korean bbq sauce

$10.00 | 12 oz.

hot sauce
seasoning blend

$5.00 | 2 oz.

spicy hummus

$7.00 | 8 oz.

s'mores hummus

$7.00 | 8 oz.

olive tapenade

$7.00 | 8 oz.

green goddess

$10.00 | 12 oz.

cucumber avocado aioli

$10.00 | 12 oz.

Caribbean jerk bbq sauce

$10.00 | 12 oz.

Everything bagel hummus

$7.00 | 8 oz.

basil pesto

$7.00 | 8 oz.

dill dip

$7.00 | 8 oz.

kimchi aioli

$10.00 | 12 oz.

lemon aioli

$10.00 | 12 oz.

peach bourbon bbq sauce

$10.00 | 12 oz.

*Please reach out to us if you have an allergy questions or concerns regarding allergens.

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce Offers Unique Small Batch Hot Sauce Flavors
get in touch

Place an order or make an inquiry using the form below.

FOR ORDERS: Please specify the item name and number of bottles for each product that you would like to order in the message field below. We'll follow up with you for payment and delivery options.


Interested in carrying our products or becoming a Rescue Dog Partner? Reach out using the form below and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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About our Mission

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce is a mission-backed business run by owner & founder, Tim Heitzman. We make creative and original hot sauces while also pairing with local dog rescues to help our four-legged friends find their forever home.

The idea for Rescue Dog Hot Sauce began as a birthday gift for Tim's younger brother. Tim crafted a special hot sauce recipe that he knew his brother would love, but overestimated the amount of sauce he would have left over.

He decided to share his spare bottles with a few friends that happened to work for several local bars, restaurants, and taprooms. Their reception was overwhelming! What began as a simple birthday present quickly evolved into an entire line of hot sauces, hot honeys, and more.

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce Offers Unique Small Batch Hot Sauce Flavors
RDHS_Maya & Bindi.png

Why 'rescue dog'?

If you’ve ever met Tim, you know how much he loves his rescue dogs; Maya, Bindi, and the late Tiago. Everywhere Tim goes, his dogs go too. This inseparable bond has led him to advocate for animal rescue over the years.

Tim’s passion for pet adoption prompted the idea to partner his brand with local dog rescues in order to encourage more people to donate and adopt from shelters in the area. You’ll find Rescue Dog Hot Sauce at pet adoption events and farmer's markets alike!

Take a look at our Rescue Dog Partners and learn how you can help today!


Interested in carrying Rescue Dog Hot Sauce at your store, bar or restaurant? Reach out to our team and we'll let you know how you can rep us on your tables and shelves.

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce Offers Unique Small Batch Hot Sauce Flavors
Rescue Dog Hot Sauce Partners With Local Dog Rescues

Rescue Dog Partners

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce is committed to making an impact beyond your tastebuds. Since our launch, we have worked with four local dog rescues (and counting) in the OKC and surrounding areas to help pups find their forever homes.

Want to get involved? Whether you're interested in making a donation, open to fostering, or ready to commit to adoption, there is a way for everyone to contribute to the cause.

RDHS_Partner Badge Transparent (2023).png
find a rescue near you

Dog Shelters are always in need of your help. We encourage you to support local rescues whenever possible! If you are interested in donating, fostering or adopting, please consider reaching out to an animal rescue from our Rescue Dog Partners community.

Rescue Dog Hot Sauce Partners With Local Dog Rescues

Spice up life — save a pup

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